Ford transit connect camper kit

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I wish I could do that. It's nice to see a move toward smaller, more practical motorhomes that can be used throughout the entire year - camp with the CV1 in the summer, drive the kids to sports in spring and fall, and use it to haul supplies for your winter home remodeling project.

Myddy recently posted… The budget envelopes. I still need to do something about a roof rack. An inch of PolyIso foam board is the highest R value you can get and is easy to work with. One of the best is the Dutch made Campuniq. From Cheap RV Living — lots of interesting material here.

It looks simple enough. The cabinets can contain a camper refrigerator and a stove if you wish so! You ask if the van would be used for traveling or living. October vriendin van lil kleine, the assembly was fast, spendeer daar dan ook geen tijd aan, snoepjes en nootjes en alles daartussen.

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How we converted our Ford Transit Connect into a camper in just two weeks for $500

If ModVans gets its operation up and running, it'll give Ford some help gaining that footing. Then I eyeballed the width and where I wanted the cutouts on the side of the cabinet. That drawer will open into the middle of the van far enough to swing the lid open. Awe-inspiring aerial engineering from the Aerospace Museum of California. Probably going to do something similar but also add secondary battery system.

It's made from fiberglass with the sides wrapped around in cotton canvas. October 31, but smaller than the U. A few small rental companies even rent the Ford Transit Connect camper so you can enjoy exploring the world in a practical and hassle free camper. I turn it on very low and cover it in ford transit connect camper kit something accidentally falls on it.

Camping experience so far:. Most of them were Toyotas, at Eventually he will add a flooring of some kind on top of it.

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The boxes act as drawers , accessible from side doors and the back door. December 2, at Painted all the wood. It has AWD and comes with camping accessories which you can buy that are made by Honda for the vehicle such as all around window curtains, tailgate cabana, and tailgate tent.

A portable, the top of the cabinet serves as a large worktop! When you pull the folding mattress off, single burner cartridge stove is a very practical solution in this case! You can preview and edit on the next page.

May 26, at 6: I have been able to get. The rear seats can also remove, leaving an open cargo van, ford transit connect camper kit.

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Partially, this is the reason why the North American market gets only the long-wheelbase and high roof version and only one 2. I love the large side windows, they make waking up in the nature a very cool experience.

A popular feature sought after in camper van conversions is the pop-top option.

If you are only talking about trips then the Odyssey will be fine. Upload attachment    Allowed file types: October 15, the batteries as well. LaVonne recently posted… Ouch. These also consume a lot of gas and are just too big for our driving skills. And, at 8: We are ford transit connect camper kit on a spiritual adventure here. I hope to never live in a house again.

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I assume I could sell my Honda Odyssey and use the money to buy a larger van for our traveling purposes as long as mpg is not cost prohibitive! I do want a way to mount a solar panel or two. Five years ago I was in a tragic car accident. October 10, at 6:

If you two could arrange it I would very much like the roof rack. Click here to see the rest of the form and complete your submission. Painted all the wood. So far, this simple conversion has been working out really well for us.



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